Between 1956 and 1977, Elvis received three Grammy Awards, three RIAA Platinum Record Awards, thirty-five RIAA Gold Record Awards, and had a total of one hundred and six Top 40 hits. He also appeared in thirty-three films.

Fans and music lovers around the world thought Elvis was so entertaining because he made the fans feel like they were a part of the performance of his music. He would dance in such a way that the fans were crazed about him. The fans would dance and sing along with him keeping them entertained.

Elvis is one of the most accomplished composers in the history of music. He had a combined total of 150 gold, platinum, or multi-platinum albums. One of Elvis’ most memorable hits is “Jailhouse Rock”.

During the year 1957, Elvis filmed “Jailhouse Rock” in color. In 1973, there were one billion viewers for Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii (television show). This shows that his popularity was uncomparable to anyone else.

In the year of 2006, Elvis earned fifty-two million dollars as a dead celebrity. That was more than Justin Timberlake (44 million) and Modanna (40 million) made in 2006.

Elvis can be easily compared to Heath Ledger. Heath was a popular movie star known for his role in The Dark Knight as Joker. He died at the young age of 28 because of a drug overdose (just like Elvis).

His income in 2007 was estimated at 20 million dollars. Graceland, Elvis’s home, was an accomplishment itself. It is a huge mansion and now is open to the public for ctouring and so forth.

The 30th anniversary of his death helped greaten attendence and merchandise sales at Graceland in 2007. Another accomplishment of Elvis’ is that he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the year 1986, the first year that The Hall of Fame had inductees.
Elvis is shown here busting a hip move for “Jailhouse Rock.” His hip moves made him a popuar ladies man.

Fans were absolutely crazy about Elvis. There would be hundreds of fans standing outside the gate of Graceland, when he was there, hoping for a possible autograph by him. His performances would get record sellouts on a regular basis. He was not just a popular music star to his fans, he was a legend.

Elvis’s acting career was an accomplishment all by itself. He took off from music for about eight to nine years so he could star in a number of hit films.

Presley starred in 33 films and he was also frequently seen and heard on talk shows and radio shows. He also was a hit in numerous T.V. sitcoms or shows.


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