The name Pablo Escobar doesn’t really need an introduction. For nearly twenty years, Pablo led a rein of absolute terror that changed Colombia forever and totally revolutionized the concept of wide scale illegal narcotics distribution. Today, even more than 20 years after Pablo’s death, the United States is still embroiled in an embarrassingly pointless war on drugs. A war that costs $50 – $100 billion a year and was launched pretty much in direct response to Pablo Escobar personally. To date, the United States has wasted $1 trillion dollars fighting the war on drugs with essentially zero noticeable results.Image result for pablo escobar achevements

Pablo’s vast fortune have appeared in dozens of books, movies, magazines, newspapers. At his height of his power, the Medellin cartel shipped 80 tons of cocaine to the US alone every month. These shipments made Pablo so wealthy that by 1989 Forbes estimated his personal net worth at $3 billion, enough to make him one of the richest people on the planet at that time. Even more amazingly, within just a few years his net worth ballooned to an all time high of $25 – $30 billion, potentially enough to make him the #1 wealthiest person on the planet. Not surprisingly, Pablo used his vast fortune to live an insanely lavish life. He owned several exotic mansions, dozens of private jets, helicopters, millions of dollars worth of exotic cars, a private zoo, a professional soccer team and much much more. At one point, when he was finally captured and forced to serve jail time, the Colombian government literally built him a luxurious private prison called La Catedral that was more like a five star vacation resort than a jail. These are the anecdotes that most people have probably heard by now about the life of Pablo Escobar. On the other hand, these four facts specifically related to Pablo’s money are slightly less well known, yet potentially even more mind melting. They are just tantalizing enough to make me want to become a cocaine kingpin…



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